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Movement and Targeting
The boss has a set of predefined movement patterns, and it traverse the battlefield using these patterns to add unpredictability.
It scans the player's position & proximity and adjust its trajectory to throw vehicles and boulders accurately.
The boss reacts to the player's movements and adjust its targeting strategy accordingly to maintain a challenging experience.

The boss has two primary attack patterns: throwing vehicles and stomping.
The frequency and power of the attacks increases as the boss loses health, making the fight more intense as it progresses.

Boss AI Design and Code C# & MechAnim:

Tank Controls:
In the game, players have direct and precise control over their tanks using the "Tank Controls" scheme. This intuitive control system allows tanks to move forward, backward, and rotate left and right independently, offering a realistic and immersive driving experience.

Enemy Tank AI:
The enemy tanks are equipped with an advanced AI system for strategic engagement with the player. Powered by Unity's nav mesh, these AI-controlled tanks navigate the terrain intelligently and relentlessly pursue the player. They employ a range of tactics, including strategic keeping an optimal distance for attack and obstacle avoidance, to create dynamic and challenging combat encounters.

Tank AI & Player Controlled Tank

Tries to get to the player to stomp. If away, can cause ground shake or shoot fire balls.

These boss have multiple attack patterns: Earth Quake, Shooting, Stomping.

The behavior changes based on the distance and has a random factor to it as well.

Unity C# with MechAnim
Boss AI

UI code and navigation.
Localization code.
Launching & Saving

UI & Motion Control Code and Setup
Motion control and scanner setup to see visible and cloaked enemies. Used on the second screen on WiiU & as a pip on PC

In-game motion control and scanner code (C#)

Refraction shader
For glass & invisible mutant

Custom Shader for Movies clips
Used in gameplay to use as an overlay
The shader helps hiding the low resolution of the movie clips for the optimial performance & memory usage.

Refraction shader for glass. Skin shader texturing for mutant

Scanner shader
using render to texture for selective layer
Scanner integrated with motion control (PS4, WiiU)

Shaders code for Unity

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